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Mark Twain [1835-1910] once said, "Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion--several of them."


The New Crusades
The Sequel

Alexander Kucharski
Waldemar Guenter

The New Crusades Sequel Cover


Book 2 Synopsis -- Now Available Online!
Tragically, Waldemar Guenter passes away. Meanwhile, life goes on for his young friends. Alexander gets together with his old girlfriend, Lena. Spencer marries Abqurah. They pick Paris for their honeymoon in January 2014. Except, the Kouachi Brothers have just massacred people at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine, and France is on high terror alert. Yet, not all is lost for the honeymooning couple, once they meet Jack...

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"The New Crusades" by Waldemar Guenter

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The New Crusades Cover


Synopsis Book 1
Wally, a scenery photographer, stumbles upon a dead woman in the woods off the Bruce Trail, near Ball's Falls. The woman is the victim of an honor killing committed by her own brother, Aamir. He escapes arrest by fleeing to Syria and becoming part of ISIS. Two detectives bring the parents to trial for being complicit, but are frustrated by not being able to arrest Aamir. Little do they know that he intends to come back to Canada, under a false passport, to continue "unfinished business."

“Let what is right be right,” said the father. “It was an honour killing, not a murder, as Allah is our witness.” The parents demanded to be tried under Shari'ah Law. They did not recognize Canadian Law. They would appeal the court decision if found guilty.

Wally, who discovered the gruesome body, just couldn't fathom the extremes of Islam. How could anybody's God, whether Islam...or Christian, condone such things?

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The New Crusades Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

The New Crusades The Sequel Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

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