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The New Crusades: The Sequel

About The Authors


Alexander Kucharski
I'm the main author of this sequel, which I promised Wally I'd finish after he passed on. I became Wally's friend during a Web Design course at Mohawk College. It was my connection to him which led Wally and the police to solving the honor-killing case in his first novel, The New Crusades.

My employment history is about as chequered as Wally's. I've been a teacher, a framer, a web designer and lately an author. Lena and I got married recently. She has been hired as a DJ at a radio station in Comox, British Columbia. I've been hired there as a sports writer for a weekly newspaper.

Life seems to get more and more interesting if you don't get complacent. My only regret is that all our friends and the main characters in our two New Crusades novels seem to have moved away now. They are all spread far and wide, so except through the internet, it's difficult to stay in touch.

Wally's Friend,
Alexander Kucharski
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Waldemar Guenter
Waldemar Guenter was a reporter, editor, electrical apprentice, teacher, Bible student, web designer, and wedding photographer. He often said, if you live long enough, you can become most anything.

For relaxation, Wally loved watching old black and white movies, especially old crime shows, like Peter Gunn. Even though he was computer savvy, he did not own a cell phone. He did not belong to Facebook or to Twitter. He said that he didn't even like getting e-mails.

During the last months of his life, Wally used his writing talent as a sort of therapy, against the bad nightmares he was having after discovering Hazirah's body in the woods. Wally's book, The New Crusades, came out of that traumatic experience.

Wally died on November 29, 2014, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Wally's wife, who cherished her anonymity in all this, decided to sell the house in Canada and buy a condo in Arizona. She says the dry warm climate will do her good. She hates the snow.


I'd like to thank Lubo for proofreading this Sequel to The New Crusades. I used some of Lubo's great anecdotes from his teaching days to make this novel more interesting especially for my [Alexander's] teaching stint in Crookesd Harbour, Newfoundland. I confess that place is another figment of my imagination, spiced up by Lubo's stories about the teacher's "travail" in the classroom. It's great to have fresh eyes and great suggestions from friends to create something special. This novel is very topical for the times we live in.


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The New Crusades Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

The New Crusades The Sequel Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

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