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The New Crusades: The Sequel

Cast of Main Characters

Wally Guenter, 68, author of The New Crusades
Wally's wife, 57, prefers anonymity, especially from the internet
Pastor Greg, 30, Tuesday evening Prayer Meetings
Kate, 28, Pastor Greg's fiancee

Abqurah Ibrahim, 21, younger sister; her name means "genius"
Hazirah Ibrahim, 25, Abqurah's older sister; murdered by her brother, Aamir,
   in a so-called honor-killing, her name means "chaste"
Uncle Aafa, performs "dua," a prayer for Spencer and Abqurah
[me] Alexander Kucharski, 29, Hazirah's old boyfriend,
   current writer of this sequel
Lena, 23, my fiancee

Detective Jake Klassen, 60, police detective, Niagara Region
Anne Klassen, 58, Jake's wife.
   their grown up kids, Jake Junior and Frieda; Frieda is single
Jake Junior's wife, Irene; their teenage kids, Peter and Helen. Detective
Edmund Spencer, 32, police detective, Hamilton District,
   Klassen's partner during the Aamir Ibrahim case,
   later Abqurah's fiance
Michael and Mary Spencer, Det. Spencer's parents
Ramona Szewczuk, 63, a.k.a. "Baryon," computer nerd,
   also murdered by Aamir

Steven Brazeau, principal at Crooked Harbour High
Chief Dan Abenaki, from the Mi'kmaq tribe, chairman of the school board
RCMP Sgt. Benton Wright, in charge of the Crooked Harbour police outpost
Const. Tara Laroche, expert in computers and record keeping
Const. Beau "Boo" Fraser, loveable cop, loves doughnuts

Jack, 55, helps Spencer and Abqurah get around Paris
Pierre Bonhomme, 88, lends his Deux Chevaux to Jack
Margaret, seat 1C, on the airplane home to Canada

Last, but not least, God and/or Allah,"The Alpha and The Omega of Everything."



> Detective Jake Klassen: "Yes, Spencer and Abqurah became Christian and were married in a Christian church. They might have become Muslim in a different time and place. The Christian liberators of the Holy Land in 1099 were not something that God would have been proud of. "

> Abqurah: "I just could not put the ideas together that an all gracious and most merciful God would condone the honor killing of my sister, Hazirah. "

> Uncle Aafa: "I said yes, when Abqurah asked me to say a blessing, a dua, as a sort of second ceremony for her and Edmund Spencer. Our Imam said that Islam would not allow a second ceremony take place in our mosque. The Christian church, likewise, said that our Imam could not hold such a ceremony in the Christian church. I said yes, I would give the dua in a neutral place, like the Klassen household. I'm sure Allah would have been pleased with the arrangement. "

> Pastor Greg:
"If God had any words to say to mankind, he might say, 'Like little lambs, you have gone more gracious and more merciful to each other.' "



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The New Crusades Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

The New Crusades The Sequel Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

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