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The New Crusades: The Sequel

Alexander Kucharski and Waldemar Guenter


“I hope it was worth it!” challenged Spencer. Abqurah countered, “It was! It's a better way to shoot things than with a Kalashnikov! I wish I could turn all guns in the world into cameras.” From what she showed them on the LCD panel, she did get some pretty pictures of the Arc de Triomphe by night, with yellow headlights beaming down on her from the oncoming traffic. [ch.41, p.286]


Again, this novel is dedicated to all children and civilians who have been killed
in all wars throughout this planet's history by militants and terrorists,
in any religion or race, by people who have no conscience
and no merciful God.

The New Crusades Cover Synopsis
Since I'm a writer and designer, I was pleased when the family asked me [Alexander Kucharski] to create this website so that Wally's novel The New Crusades would be advertised to the public. A story like this has in recent years become very topical for Canadian society. Since Wally died in November of 2014, I've undertaken the task of continuing on with a sequel to Wally's book, and as a tribute, have put his name on it, as co-author.

In Book One, Wally dealt with Aamir killing his older sister, Hazirah, in a fictional honour-killing at a real place, Balls Falls, Ontario, way back in October 2011. The parents are complicit in this crime because they help Aamir escape to ISIS. The younger sister, Abqurah, does not know about her family's atrocious crime. Wally had discovered Hazirah's body at Ball's Falls which prompted him to write his first novel as a kind of therapy.

I basically take up the plot in October 2014 with the last two months of Wallys life. He is dying of pancreatic cancer. Even as he lay dying, life goes on for his young friends who get engaged and even get married with high hopes for their future. There are flashbacks into his younger friends' lives.

As the main writer of this sequel, I tell the story of how I reconnect with my old flame, Lena. I also describe the romance blossoming between Detective Ed Spencer, from the first novel, and Abqurah, the younger daughter of the Ibrahims. The Ibrahims go to prison because they incited their son, Aamir, to kill his own sister, Hazirah, in a delusional and fanatical sense of honour.

Despite the cultural and religious differences, Spencer and Abqurah become an item. They turn Christian and plan to go to Paris for their honeymoon.

They arrive on Wednesday morning, January 7th, 2014. This couldn't be at a worse time because Said and Cherif Kouachi have just massacred people at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. The two brothers sought revenge for the magazine's satirization of their Prophet, Muhammad. By the time they are through, 12 people lie dead and the brothers escape, putting Paris on a high terror alert. Ed Spencer and Abqurah's honeymoon turns into a nightmare...but not all is lost...




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The New Crusades Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

The New Crusades The Sequel Trailer
Watch Video Honour Killings in Canada

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